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January 9, 2008
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Video Diary: Cabo de Gata update visit Dec 07 (Pt 2: Beaches)

Playa Monsul, Caba de Gata Natural Park
During my long drive from Malaga, the weather had become almost biblical: lashing rain (I passed 3 crashes in one 30 km stretch, including an articulated lorry that had left the road), glowering skies, preternatural darkness and even the occasional forked stroke of lightning.

Thankfully, by the time I crested the low pass through the rugged Sierra del Cabo de Gata, the worst of the storm had blown through. Overnight, the skies cleared and the rain-washed coast positively sparkled.

Over the next couple of days I checked out my favourite beaches, and was pleased to see that they all remained perfectly unspoilt. I report from two of the best here.

For information on organising your own weekend on Cabo de Gata's desert beaches click here.

My video diary entries:

1. Playa Monsul - elemental drama and damn fine sand.

2. El Playazo - room to stretch out and a castle keep at the end of a hidden valley.

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